About the Author

Confidently weird.

Cherry Rose Guillermo (born 8 October 2000) is not quite as one would expect with the author of this kind of blog. She is not an aspiring writer, poet, novelist, or any of that sort. It’s just that sometimes she reads. Sometimes she writes. Sometimes she gets lucky and writes something…good, perhaps. She hopes they’re good, anyways.

When asked of her favorite book, she’d give a list rather than one and that list includes When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead, Moon Over Manifest by Claire Vanderpool, Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech, and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Yep, most of these books’ target readers do not include her age in the age bracket, but she loves them anyway.

Fortunately, the poster she’s holding also applies to her contribution in this blog.

She has an older sister, Mariza Mei Guillermo (thaleeya), who is also a reader and a writer…and a pianist, and a biologist, and a future doctor, which is basically pretty cool, unlike the primary author of this blog *coughs*. Anyway, she is also where this blog’s author mostly gets the books she reads, which is, yep, pretty similar to picking up bread crumbs. Technically, this older sister is not one of the authors of this blog, but since five of her original poems are featured  the author decided to put her here. One could say that they get along pretty okay, considering she managed to convince her to help out in this blog. 

Author’s Note: Please don’t take or use any of the contents by the author of this blog without asking permission first. You can ask her through the Contact page any time. 🙂