Limitless Boundaries

Everything that is truly,
breathtakingly beautiful
is found above.

Like white pillow clouds,
Forming dragons dining on a long table
Ducks spreading wings on top of an alligator
Remolded into a cotton candy
With vanilla ice cream flavor.
On and on the painting changes,
The indecisive wind sure makes a lot of smudges.

Everything that is truly,
breathtakingly beautiful
is found when we look up.

Especially the dark gray clouds
Dissipating as a gentle drizzle
Or sometimes as heavy droplets
Drumming on roofs
Silencing every television
With harmonious white noise.
It’s sad,
Yet at the same time liberating
That dispelling
What they were carrying
For so so long
Turned them into nothing—
Nothing less than
meaningful cloudburst.

sky3Everything that is truly,
breathtakingly beautiful
is found in extended spaces
way beyond the limit of our fingertips’ bases.

Don’t even get me started
On pastel skies;
Not always a solid golden ochre,
Sometimes painted in blazing crimson
And sometimes in serene azure;
A blend of calm and turbulence
Like a recently used divine palette.

At the end of twilight,
What an interstellar sight
As clusters of stars,
Appear like fragments of white light
Sprinkled nonchalantly during the night.
I’ve never understood constellations
So I take pleasure at the disarray of positions.

Full moons
Work as the sun’s deputy
But with gentle silver incandescence;
While waning moons
Cast a dreary glow
Too bad only a few people
Take some time
To look out the window
And relish the darkness—
The stillness.

Sometimes, in silent awe I see
How little, how fragile
How powerless are we.

Words by Cherry Rose Guillermo Copyright © 2017 Petrichors and Metaphors

Photo by: Kaique Rocha via Pexels (hand and sky)
Photo by: Snapwire Snaps via Pexels (sky and person)





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Cherry Rose Guillermo

I write to remember.

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