For the Ortho Queen

You took the saying
“Take all the time in the world,”
Quite too seriously
Kneaded time
Like a perfectionist baker
Thought of the next move
Like a professional chess player

Our bonding moments
Were mostly department stores
And passing hours
Bustling marketplaces
And few more hours
Scavenging through
Mounds and mounds of ukay-ukays,
Cramping legs
And million begs:
“Mama, uwi na tayo,

And when you extended for another hour
My impatient fingers
Would tweak your skin
And the next thing I know
I’m making an oath
To never come with you again.

But mom,
Now you don’t have all the time in the world;
And this time
I wish—
Oh God, how I wish
You’d extend for another minute
Another hour, another month
Another year, a couple more
And another
And another
And another.
Just this once
Please stay longer.
Because I swear I won’t mind.

Words by Cherry Rose Guillermo Copyright © 2017 Petrichors and Metaphors 



Published by

Cherry Rose Guillermo

I write to remember.

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