How Are You? by Tyler Caine

“it’s the same question
every damn day.
doesn’t matter
who you’re talking to,
it’s always
“how are you?”
you know what that’s like.
it’s the common courtesy
to ask people
how they are doing today.
I get it,
ya know,
it’s the easy ice breaker,
the sympathetic greeting,
that casual
“see, i kinda care about you”
line that is the go to
conversation starter.
I say fuck that line.
I’m getting sick of
telling people the
easy answer of
“I’m doing good!”
(accompanied by the
instinctual hollow smile
you’ve mastered over
the course of your whole life)
when it’s simply
now I’m like
most anybody;
i have my good days
or moments where
I’m genuinely content,
but as a whole
I’m not really okay.
and why the hell
do I have to give
that sincere
“I’m doing good, how are you?”
mumbo jumbo
every fucking day?
when will the
normal ice breaker change to,
oh I don’t know,
“hi, I hope you’re doing well today”
because then I won’t
ever again
have to answer dishonestly,
I’ll just nod and say
“thanks, you too!”
and no more
lying about the fact
that I’m aching with
the loss of my will
or the pain of a lover
whom I cannot see
or that I’m struggling
to not give in to addiction
or that I just don’t want to
be doing whatever it is
that I was doing,
etc. etc.

The author did not give this piece a title and just posted this as a comment to a page (it’s The Artidote, go check it out 😉 ) I follow so I just gave it one. Lels.


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