Gone are the days
When it was so easy
So reckless, so careless
So young and so free

When happiness meant
Gumamela-sprinkled mud pies
Baked under the sun
Surrounded by a twig fort
Easily undone

When sadness meant
Getting lost at the grocery
Tugging at people’s shirts
Looking up
Only to find a strange face

When I tried to catch up
To playmates
Instead of deadlines

When I wrote squiggles

Of what were supposed to be my names
Instead of these erasure-free paragraphs

When before bedtime
I drank milk
To sleep
Instead of coffee
To stay awake

Behind prickly bushes
I could pee
And no one would tell me
“Have you no shame?”

Sometimes I wonder
Why did I ever hate bedtimes
For now I barely have them

Sometimes I wonder
Why did I ever dream of being a grown-up
For now I only dream of being a kid again

Now I’m stuck in confusion
Making my own decisions
Reckless choices, careless actions

Please don’t tell me
That I’m too big
For this rusty slide
Because I may have grown
But I’m still a kid inside.

Life’s a giant playground
Where wounds and laughters abound;
Sometimes I giggle
Sometimes I stumble
Often I come home filthy
Forgive me,
For I am a kamikaze.

Words and image by: Cherry Rose Guillermo Copyright © 2017 Petrichors and Metaphors


Published by

Cherry Rose Guillermo

I don't care who you are; if you're kind, you're beautiful. ^^

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