Okay Lang, Ma (Isang Elehiya)

NOTE: This poem is written mostly in Filipino, some are in Ilocano. I apologize for errors (if there are) in the way the Ilocano phrases are written.

Alam ko
Gaano pa man kahaba ang tulang ‘to
Magtagpi-tagpi man ang mga ritmo
Sumakto man ang mga tugma
Sa bawat linya ma’y damang-dama,
Hindi na niya maririnig.

Sabi nila
Nandiyan lang naman siya
Kabilang sa mga tala
Na gabi-gabi kong tinitingala.
Sabi naman ng iba
40 days pa siyang gagala (lol)
Pwede rin namang imahinasyon
Para sa mga taong idinadaan sa tula
Ang kanilang pangungulila. (ehem)

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My fingers ache to write
About things falling apart;
About rubbles
Tainted with fingerprints
That match perfectly with mine.

About rusty chains
Wrapped around the necks
Of people I love
Tugged by the midline of my index
I keep pulling,
Pulling. Pulling. Continue reading Desolation

Limitless Boundaries

Everything that is truly,
breathtakingly beautiful
is found above.

Like white pillow clouds,
Forming dragons dining on a long table
Ducks spreading wings on top of an alligator
Remolded into a cotton candy
With vanilla ice cream flavor.
On and on the painting changes,
The indecisive wind sure makes a lot of smudges. Continue reading Limitless Boundaries

For the Ortho Queen

You took the saying
“Take all the time in the world,”
Quite too seriously
Kneaded time
Like a perfectionist baker
Thought of the next move
Like a professional chess player

Our bonding moments
Were mostly department stores
And passing hours
Bustling marketplaces
And few more hours
Scavenging through
Mounds and mounds of ukay-ukays,
Cramping legs
And million begs:
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